Betting Guides

We give you in-depth guides on how to place sports bets. From which sportsbooks to sign-up to, how to make your first deposit, and what to bet on.

How To Bet On Sports – For Beginners

How Does Money Line Betting Work? A MoneyLine bet is the most straightforward bet to understand for a novice bettor, as it is simply a straight bet to select the winner of any given game, irrespective of the score or margin of victory. Positive American Odds Odds which start with a positive (+) sign shows […]

Betting Guides: How to Choose a US Sportsbook

Everything you need to know in order to choose a trustworthy, reputable online sportsbook for betting in the USA, including information on deposit bonus requirements and bookmaker recommendations

Moneyline Bets Explained

With moneyline bets, bettors are simply wagering on which team or player will win a particular event, without the need to worry about spreads, totals or complex betting formulae.

NFL Betting Guide

Discover popular wagering options for America's favorite sport: props, parlays, money-line bets, totals bets & more - with examples.

How To Bet On The NBA

Want to bet on NBA basketball games? Use this expert guide to learn about your betting options and how to use them.

Sports Prop Bets Explained

Proposition bets are novelty or side bets that can be made on single sporting events, leagues, or overall championships/seasons. They can be a fun way to bet on sports.

Parlay & Teaser Bets Explained

Parlays and teasers tie various wagers into a single bet. These bundles of bets can give secure you very high returns from small stakes, as all your predictions must come true for you to win.

Horse Racing Betting Odds Guide

You can place various types of horse racing bets. Show, place, and win bets are the most popular with part-time bettors. These are single-horse bets (also called straight bets).

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