The 2023–24 NCAA Division I men’s basketball season began on 6th November 2023 – with the regular season ending March 17th 2024, and the finals playing out on 8th April.

Here’s how 2024 March Madness went down:

  • Sweet Sixteen: Four from the ACC, three from the Big East, two each from the SEC, Big Ten and Big 12, one each from the Pac-12, Mountain West and WCC. And 12 of my top 16 in the 1-68 advanced. Lowest ranked is No. 47.
  • The Final Four: March Madness 2024: Men’s Final Four teams are: No. 1 Purdue., No. 1 UConn, No. 4 Alabama, No. 11 NC State.
  • Finals: UConn vs Purdue

The Finals

UConn has etched its name in college basketball history, becoming the first team to secure consecutive national titles since the Florida Gators achieved the feat in 2006 and 2007.

In an impressive display of dominance, the Huskies outplayed Purdue in the final showdown of No. 1 seeds, clinching the victory with a score of 75-60 in Glendale, Arizona.

This victory marks UConn’s second successive year of unparalleled success in the NCAA tournament, following a similarly dominant performance last year. Over their six-game tournament run, the Huskies amassed a total winning margin of 140 points, averaging a 23.33 point lead per game, surpassing their previous year’s average winning margin of 20 points.

Leading the charge for UConn (37-3) was Tristen Newton, who delivered a stellar performance with 20 points and seven assists. He was well-supported by his teammates, with Stephon Castle contributing 15 points, Cam Spencer adding 11 points alongside eight rebounds, and Donovan Clingan securing 11 points with five rebounds.

Despite a valiant effort from Purdue‘s Naismith winner Zach Edey, who posted 37 points and 10 rebounds, the rest of the Boilermakers struggled to find their rhythm. Collectively, they managed only a 31 percent shooting success rate from the floor and a meager one out of seven from the three-point line. This performance was particularly disappointing for Purdue (34-5), which had been the nation’s No. 2 three-point shooting team, as they aimed to emulate the 2018-19 Virginia team’s rebound from a No. 16 seed loss to national champions.

With this victory, UConn has solidified its legacy, boasting a perfect 6-0 record in national championship games, all achieved since 1999. This remarkable achievement underscores the Huskies’ dominance in college basketball, marking them as one of the sport’s most formidable dynasties.

NCAAM Betting

As well as betting on the national champion, another popular betting market each year during march madness is the John R.Wooden Award Winner (Last year’s winners: Caitlin Clark, and Zach Edey).

Want to place betting action on NCAAB matchups? View Vegas odds for upcoming college basketball games to assess your wagering options before wagering.

Interested in betting on the winner of the NCAA championship, or March Madness? Visit the College Basketball futures page for odds for each college team in every division.

Popular College Basketball Bets

Unsure of how college basketball bets work? This guide gives you the lowdown on popular wagering options.

College Basketball: Moneyline Bets

This wagering option lets you bet on which college basketball team will win a specific matchup. If the team has a negative number next to it (e.g.,-150), it’s the favorite. This figure shows you how many dollars you have to bet to get a winning return of $100 from your sportsbook.

If it has a positive number (e.g., +150), it’s the underdog. The positive figure shows you the amount of a winning return when placing a $100 bet. Both teams can have negative odds if it’s a very close matchup. In this case, the higher negative number shows which team Vegas odds-makers think is most likely to win.

NCAAM Point Spread Odds Betting

When wagering on the point spread (also known as the equalizer), the underdog “gets” points added to their final score, and the favorite “gives” points away – this number margin is the spread. A positive (+) number shows the points given to the underdog; a negative number (-) tells you the points cut from the favorite.

For example, using a spread of the Michigan Wildcats +7 and the Houston Cougars -7, you could still enjoy a return if you back the Wildcats and they lose by six points or less. But if they lose by seven or more points, you will lose.

Yet if you decide to wager on Houston to cover the spread, the Cougars need to win by eight points or more to give you a return.

NCAA: Game Totals Betting

Game totals bets let you place action on the total points of an NCAA basketball matchup combined. You can wager on whether the points total will be under or over the number offered by your betting provider.

What Are NCAA Future Bets?

NCAAB futures are wagering options that let you bet on player achievements and other events decided in the future – such as who will win the Naismith Men’s College Player of the Year or which team will win March Madness.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which college basketball teams have won the most National championships?

  • UCLA — 11
  • Kentucky — 8
  • North Carolina — 6
  • Duke — 5
  • Indiana — 5
  • UConn — 4
  • Kansas — 3
  • Villanova — 3
  • Cincinnati — 2
  • Florida — 2
  • Louisville — 2
  • Michigan State — 2
  • NC State — 2
  • Oklahoma State — 2
  • San Francisco — 2

What is MoneyLine betting in NCAAB?

A moneyline bet (also known as the win market) is the most simple bet you can place on a NCAAB game, as all you are doing is selecting the team you believe will win the game.

When it comes to the NCAAB betting odds on the MoneyLine, the favorite to win the game will be indicated with a negative number. For example, -200, next to the team name. That means you would have to stake $200 on that team in order to win $100 (+ the return of your initial stake).
In this example, the underdog in the game might have odds on the MoneyLine of +150. That indicates that you would need to stake $100 on that team in order to win $150 (+ the return of your initial stake).

It’s worth noting that betting on the MoneyLine will offer a poor return when betting on a strong favorite in a game.

Can I bet on a college basketball game online?

Yes. You can quickly sign up with an online sportsbook to start placing college basketball wagers today. The most popular types of NCAAB bets are moneyline, parlay, and futures bets.

Can I wager on NCAA basketball games using my smartphone?

Top online sportsbooks let you wager on college basketball using your smartphone.

Some sites may even have a mobile sports betting app to enable quick access to various wagering options. Other providers allow you to place bets by accessing your account via your preferred mobile browser.

When does the 2023/2024 College Basketball Season Start?

The 2023–24 NCAA Division I men's basketball season began on November 6th, 2023 and ends 17th of March 2024.