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Upcoming UFC: UFC Fight Night: Nicolau vs. Perez

Saturday 27th of April 2024

Fights / Fighter Records

  • Gabriel Benitez (23-12-0) v Maheshate (9-3-0)
  • Liang Na (19-7-0) v Ivana Petrovic (6-1-0)
  • Gabe Green (11-5-0) v James Llontop (14-2-0)
  • Ketlen Souza (13-4-0) v Marnic Mann (6-2-0)
  • Don’Tale Mayes (10-6-0) v Caio Machado (8-2-1)
  • Austin Hubbard (16-7-0) v Michal Figlak (8-1-0)
  • Rani Yahya (28-11-1) v Victor Henry (23-6-0)
  • Tim Means (33-15-1) v Uros Medic (9-2-0)
  • Austen Lane (12-4-0) v Jhonata Diniz (6-0-0)
  • Karine Silva (17-4-0) v Ariane Lipski (17-8-0)
  • Ryan Spann (21-9-0) v Bogdan Guskov (15-3-0)
  • Matheus Nicolau (19-4-1) v Alex Perez (24-8-0)

UFC Fight Odds

UFC Odds
Gabriel Benitez+175Apr 27 - 16:00
Hayisaer Maheshate-215
Ivana Petrovic-450Apr 27 - 16:20
Na Liang+350
Gabriel Green-115Apr 27 - 16:40
James Llontop-105
Marnic Mann+260Apr 27 - 17:00
Ketlen Souza-325
Don'Tale MayesApr 27 - 17:20
Caio Machado-120
Austin Hubbard+130Apr 27 - 17:40
Michal Figlak-155
Rani Yaha+375Apr 27 - 18:00
Victor Henry-500
Joel Alvarez+185Apr 27 - 19:00
Mateusz Rebecki-225
Tim Means+225Apr 27 - 19:00
Uros Medic-285
Jonathan Pearce-170Apr 27 - 19:15
David Onama+140
Austen Lane+190Apr 27 - 19:40
Jhonata Diniz-230
Ariane Lipski+130Apr 27 - 20:00
Karine Silva-155
Ryan Spann-195Apr 27 - 20:20
Bogdan Guskov+160
Matheus Nicolau-180Apr 27 - 20:40
Alex Perez+150
Alessandro Costa-140May 4 - 18:00
Kevin Borjas+115
Dione Barbosa-215May 4 - 18:00
Ernesta Kareckaite+175
Elves Brener+190May 4 - 18:00
Myktybek Orolbai-230
Ismael Bonfim-400May 4 - 18:00
Vinc Pichel+300
Joaquim Silva+150May 4 - 18:00
Drakkar Klose-180
Joanderson Brito-150May 4 - 18:00
Jack Shore+125
Mauricio Ruffy-165May 4 - 18:00
Jamie Mullarkey+135
Jean Silva-130May 4 - 20:00
William Gomis+110
Karolina Kowalkiewicz+240May 4 - 20:00
Iasmin Lucindo-300
Paul Craig+275May 4 - 22:00
Caio Borralho-350
Anthony Smith+300May 4 - 22:40
Vitor Petrino-400
Jonathan Martinez-120May 4 - 23:00
Jose Aldo
Alexandre Pantoja-250May 4 - 23:20
Steve Erceg+200
Conor McGregor-110Jun 29 - 23:00
Michael Chandler-110
Sean Strickland-225Jun 29 - 23:00
Paulo Costa+185
Amanda Nunes-200Dec 31 - 0:00
Kayla Harrison+165
Max Holloway+145Dec 31 - 0:00
Ilia Topuria-175

To learn more about betting on the UFC, check out the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section at the bottom of this page.

UFC / MMA Betting Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Moneyline in UFC betting?

This is the most straightforward UFC bet available and simply involves selecting which fighter you think will win any specific bout. This is refered to as the Moneyline or sometimes the Win line.

Are there any other types of UFC bets?

Yes, there are a number of other UFC bet options available besides predicting the winner in most fights, including Method of Victory, Round Betting, Total Rounds, Round Groups betting, when will the fight end and sometimes other UFC proposition bets (‘prop bets’ for short), which cover bets beyond these popular ones, particularly the more high-profile fights.

We will explain all these diffferent types of UFC bets in more detail further below.

What is 'Method Of Victory' betting in UFC?

With UFC betting you can also wager on ‘Method of Victory’ market, e.g. for a fighter to win by KO, TKO or Disqualification; to win by Decision or Technical Decision, to win by Submission or for the fight to end in a Draw or Technical Draw. This is often a good way of getting bigger odds on a hot favourite.

What is Round betting in UFC?

There is also the option of ‘Round Betting’, where you would wager on a fighter to win on points, or to select the round in which they will win (Round1, Round 2, etc), or for the fight to end in a Draw.

What is 'Total Rounds' (Over/Under) betting?

Total Rounds betting is a simple two-way Over/Under market where you are betting how many rounds the bout will go, irrespective of the winner, e.g. Over 3.5/Under 3.5.

What is 'Round Group' betting?

Round Group betting gives the bettor the chance to back a fighter to win across a specified number of rounds, e.g. to win in Round 1-2, or to win in Round 3-4, or a Draw.

Can I bet on when a UFC fight will end?

Yes, another popular UFC betting market is 'When will the fight end?'. Will the bout go the full distance, will either fighter win on Points, either in Round 1, either in Round 2, etc.

What are some tips & advice for betting on UFC?

When it comes to choosing where to put your hard-earned dollars when betting on UFC, there are a number of important factors to take into account.

As in all sports, a fighter’s recent momentum is a big issue. If a fighter has won his last eight fights with six 1st round KOs, he/she is clearly in dominant form. If their opponent has lost four of their last five fights by KO, that should signal some alarm bells.

It’s also important to know who those fights have been against. Is it a case of a fighter having a winning record against lower caliber opponents? Have the losses all been against elite fighters? It's also worthwhile checking to see how the fighting styles matchup. For example, if a fighter is a KO specialist but a poor grappler, that could prove costly against someone with a strong defense who is a submission expert.

make sure to consult ufc fight statistics and fighter data to understand fighter weaknesses and strengths.

Is a fighter's age a big factor in UFC betting?

Age can also be a big factor when it comes to betting on the UFC, with some fighters in the twilight of their careers often vulnerable against those in their prime. Physical attributes such as height, weight and reach should also be taken into account.