With the NBA draft, free agency, summer league, and preseason all in the rearview mirror, the 2023-24 NBA regular season and postseason are behind us and the NBA Finals are complete.

The Boston Celtics faced the Dallas Mavericks in the 2024 NBA finals, winning 4-1 to earn a record 18th franchise title.

NBA Calendar 2023/24 – Key Dates

  • The current champions are the Boston Celtics
  • The 2023-24 NBA season is the 78th season of the National Basketball Association League
  • Training camps: Late September
  • Preseason: Early October
  • Regular season starts: Mid-October 2023
  • Regular season ends: Mid-April 2024
  • NBA playoffs: Mid-April 2024
  • NBA Finals: Celtics Vs Mavericks

NBA playoffs: Did you know?

No team has gone 16-0 in the NBA playoffs (the closest any team has come to going undefeated was the 2016-17 Warriors, who went 16–1).

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What Happened Last Season?

2023 NBA Conference Finals

In the East, the Boston Celtics (#2) hosted the Miami Heat (#8). Out West, the underdog Los Angeles Lakers faced the top-seeded Denver Nuggets.

Western Conference

LeBron James and the Lakers made games 1 & 2 of the Western Conference Finals interesting, but it wasn’t enough to avoid a sweep at the hands of the Denver Nuggets.

Eastern Conference

The Miami Heat and the Boston Celtics were tied at (3-3) following a comeback from 3-0 down by the Celtics – forcing a Game 7. NBA history buffs may know that the 2003 Portland Trail Blazers, 1994 Denver Nuggets and 1951 New York Knicks also managed to even a series after being down 3-0.

In game 7 the Miami Heat avoided becoming the first team to squander a 3-0 NBA playoff series lead – beating the Boston Celtics 103-84.

The NBA Finals

The Denver Nuggets won the 2023 NBA finals beating Miami Heat 4-1..

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Are The Current NBA champions?

The 2023/2024 Season NBA champions are the Boston Celtics - beating The Dallas Mavericks 4-1 in the NBA Finals.

Which teams have the most NBA Championship wins?

  • Boston Celtics - 18
  • Los Angeles Lakers - 17
  • Golden State Warriors - 7
  • Chicago Bulls - 6
  • San Antonio Spurs - 5
  • Detroit Pistons - 3
  • Miami Heat - 3
  • Philadelphia 76ers - 3
  • Milwaukee Bucks - 2
  • Houston Rockets - 2
  • New York Knicks - 2

What is the point spread in NBA betting?

The Point Spread is the most popular NBA betting option. With games rarely featuring two evenly matched basketball teams, the point spread is a market the sportsbooks use to ‘level up’ the event.

Rather than just having to win the game (as is the case with the moneyLine), with the point spread, the team deemed to be the favorite must win by a specified number of points (the spread) to secure a winning return when wagering on this.
For example, the favorite team might have a point spread of -5.5 (the half-point is the “hook”, which ensures there is no possibility of a push or tie). This means the favorites would need to win by a 6-point margin or more for a wager on them to win.

In this instance, the underdogs would have a point spread of +5.5, meaning they would have to either win the game or lose it by no more than 5 points for a wager on them to win.

How do i bet on the NBA?

The most simple kind of bet is a bet on a particular team to win a specific match. This is known as a "moneyline bet".
A simple moneyline bet on the NBA involves selecting one team to win a game, without considering any point spread or other conditions. Moneyline odds are presented in a positive or negative format, depending on the team's likelihood of winning. A positive number indicates the amount of money you'd win on a $100 wager, while a negative number indicates the amount you need to bet to win $100.

For example, let's consider two teams, Team A and Team B, playing against each other. The moneyline odds for this game are as follows:

  • Team A: +150 (odds to win $150 on a $100 bet)
  • Team B: -150 (odds to win $100 on a $150 bet)

In this case, Team A is considered the underdog, as they have a positive number, while Team B is considered the favorite, as they have a negative number. If you bet $100 on Team A and they win the game, you would win $150 ($100 initial bet + $50 profit). On the other hand, if you bet $150 on Team B and they win the game, you would win $100 ($150 initial bet - $50 profit).

Where can I watch Live NBA streams online?

For live streaming NBA, NBA League Pass is the go-to. Customers can access home and away team broadcast feeds, Access to every NBA game replay and live in-stream stats with NBA League Pass.

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  • NBA Team Pass ($13.99/mo)
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