nba southwest division odds

Here you can find up-to-date National Basketball Association (NBA) futures odds for the Southwest Division. This is one of the three divisions that make up the Western Conference of the NBA. The inaugural season was in 2004 when the NBA decided to re-organize the conferences.

Last Ten NBA Southwest Division Winners

The Southwest Division has not been the most successful in recent times, with the only ever championship wins coming from the San Antonio Spurs in 2005 and 2014.

More recently, the Dallas Mavericks have performed the best. Other than these two teams, you will also find the Memphis Grizzlies, the New Orleans Pelicans, and the Houston Rockets making the Southwest their home.

The Spurs are by far the most successful team in this division, progressing to the conference and beyond nine times in total. The only team to never win this division are the Houston Rockets who are yet again the lowest-performing team in the division this season.

Recent Winners of the NBA Southwest Division
Year Team Record
2022 Memphis Grizzlies 56 – 26
2021 Dallas Mavericks 42 – 30
2020 Houston Rockets 44 – 28
2019 Houston Rockets 53 – 29
2018 Houston Rockets 65 – 17
2017 San Antonio Spurs 61 – 21
2016 San Antonio Spurs 67 – 15
2015 Houston Rockets 56 – 26
2014 San Antonio Spurs 62 – 20
2013 San Antonio Spurs 58 – 24
2012 San Antonio Spurs 50 – 16

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the NBA Southwest Division?

    The Southwest Division is one of the three divisions that make up the Western Conference of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

    The Southwest Division consists of five teams in total:

    • Dallas Mavericks
    • Memphis Grizzlies
    • San Antonio Spurs
    • New Orleans Pelicans
    • Houston Rockets

  • When did the NBA Southwest Division start?

    The NBA debuted the Southwest division in 2004 when they had a shake-up of how the conferences were made up.

    The division has always included the same five teams with New Orleans relocating to Oklahoma City for a short period.

  • Who won the NBA Southwest Division in 2022?

    The Memphis Grizzlies won the NBA Southwest Division last season.

  • Where can I bet on the winner of the NBA Southwest Division?

    You can place bets on who will win the Southwest Division at various NBA betting sites.

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