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Check out up-to-date NBA Eastern Conference winner odds for all fifteen franchises. Also, view the futures odds for the division of the winning team. Will a team from the Atlantic, Central, or Southeast Division win the Eastern Conference?

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Eastern Conference Winner Odds

2022-2023 NBA Eastern Conference: Eastern Conference Winner
2022-2023 NBA Eastern Conference: Eastern Conference Winner
11/30/22 @ 19:01
Team Win
Milwaukee Bucks +300
Boston Celtics +180
Brooklyn Nets +600
Cleveland Cavaliers +800
Philadelphia 76ers +1000
Miami Heat +1800
Toronto Raptors +1500
Atlanta Hawks +1500
Chicago Bulls +7000
New York Knicks +10000
Charlotte Hornets +60000
Washington Wizards +8000
Detroit Pistons +60000
Indiana Pacers +60000
Orlando Magic +60000

Recent NBA Eastern Conference Winners

The NBA has plenty of promise in the East, but in recent years they have failed to deliver championship teams consistently. Miami Heat has been the most competitive team from the coast, they’ve won their division 15 times, the Conference six times, and managed to win three championships including back-to-back wins in 2012/2013.

Year Team Record
2022 Boston Celtics 51-31
2021 Milwaukee Bucks 46-26
2020 Miami Heat 44-29
2019 Toronto Raptors 58-24
2018 Cleveland Cavaliers 50-32
2017 Cleveland Cavaliers 51-31
2016 Cleveland Cavaliers 57-25
2015 Cleveland Cavaliers 53-29
2014 Miami Heat 54-28
2013 Miami Heat 66-16
2012 Miami Heat 46-20

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the NBA Eastern Conference?

    The Eastern Conference is one of two conferences that form the NBA - the other is the Western Conference. Each conference features 15 teams organized into three divisions. The Atlantic, Pacific, and Southwest belong to the Western Conference.

  • Who won the Eastern Conference in 2022?

    The Boston Celtics went on to make it to the NBA Finals to face the Golden State Warriors last season. They were quickly stopped by Steph Curry with a 2-4 defeat.

  • Where can I bet on the winner of the NBA Eastern Conference?

    Retail and online sportsbooks offer various wagering options, including betting on the winner of the NBA Eastern Conference.

  • Which teams belong to the NBA Eastern Conference?

    The following teams belong to the Eastern Conference:

    • Atlanta Hawks
    • Boston Celtics
    • Brooklyn Nets
    • Charlotte Hornets
    • Chicago Bulls
    • Cleveland Cavaliers
    • Detroit Pistons
    • Indiana Pacers
    • Miami Heat
    • Milwaukee Bucks
    • New York Knicks
    • Orlando Magic
    • Philadelphia 76ers
    • Toronto Raptors
    • Washington Wizards