UFC 11: The Proving Ground Fight Results & Statistics

UFC 11: The Proving Ground Fights
Fight Name Weight Class Winner Method Round TimeDetails
Scott Ferrozzo v David Abbott Open Weight Scott Ferrozzo Decision - Unanimous 2 3 Decision
Mark Coleman v Brian Johnston Open Weight Mark Coleman KO/TKO 1 2 Punches to Head From Half Guard Submission to Strikes
Jerry Bohlander v Fabio Gurgel Open Weight Jerry Bohlander Decision - Unanimous 1 15 Decision
David Abbott v Sam Adkins Open Weight David Abbott Submission 1 2 Forearm Choke From Half Guard
Brian Johnston v Reza Nasri Open Weight Brian Johnston KO/TKO 1 0 Punches to Head From Mount
Mark Coleman v Julian Sanchez Open Weight Mark Coleman Submission 1 0 Neck Crank From Side Control