Steelers Hang Tough with Come-From-Behind 19-13 Win Over Titans

Steelers Playoffs Odds Improve

The 2021 NFL season is now down to its last three games. Pittsburgh staged an impressive comeback to beat the Tennessee Titans 19-13 in Week 15.

It was a must-win game for the Steelers whose record now reads 7-6-1.

Despite another poor start, Pittsburgh showed some guts to overcome the Titans and keep their playoff hopes alive in the AFC. In an amazing second half they forced four turnovers while shutting out Tennessee.

The Titans dropped to 9-5 and are now only one game ahead of the Colts for first place in the AFC South, although they do have the tiebreaker after defeating Indianapolis twice.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are now +3500 with Bovada Sportsbook to be crowned AFC Champions and +10000 to become Super Bowl Champions according to the latest NFL odds.

Let’s take a quick look to recap how things went on both sides of the ball …


When the offense possesses the ball less than 21 minutes in the game, it’s hard to put up big numbers offensively and more importantly, it stresses the defense.


Let’s take some time to appreciate how well the Steelers defence played today…

Tennessee is a well coached football team, although they don’t have King Henry they are still a team that can get it done. This was a great win, and credit to the defense for keeping the playoff dreams alive.

Special Teams:

Boswell was 4 of 5 with his only miss being a 56 yarder just before half, I won’t hold him to that one. He drilled a 48 and a 46 yard field goal in the second half which ended up being the difference maker on the scoreboard

Pressley Harvin III is continuing to struggle, averaging less than 40 yards a punt, with his longest being 51 yards. Anyone warming up at home?


Twitter was relentless in commenting on Mike Tomlin’s clock management in the first half. Good thing that didn’t come back to haunt him since winning cures all but the clock management HAS to get cleaned up if they are going to make the playoffs.

Just ask Dallas fans their take on Mike McCarthy and how comfortable they are with him calling timeouts or making important gametime decisions.

Final Thoughts:

A win is a win, and it may not have been pretty but it was a great winfor Pittsburgh. The Steelers take on the Chiefs on the road the day after Christmas, and KC is hot right now, but I think Pittsburgh can be right there in the 4th quarter, especially if their defense travels.

Game ball to Joe Haden, he is a stud.

Super Bowl Betting Odds

Here are the latest Super Bowl betting odds on the top teams to win the Super Bowl in February according to the leading offshore sportsbook Bovada.

If you’re unsure how betting odds work, the numbers shown simply represent how much you would win for a $100 bet. So for example, a $100 bet on Tom Brady’s Buccaneers would net you $450 profit with a total of $550 returned.

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Super Bowl 56 Winner

SUPER BOWL 56 (2022) - Odds to Win: Super Bowl 56 Winner
SUPER BOWL 56 (2022) - Odds to Win: Super Bowl 56 Winner
02/06/22 @ 18:30
Team Win
Tampa Bay Buccaneers +750
Kansas City Chiefs +400
Green Bay Packers +240
New England Patriots +4000
Los Angeles Rams +750
Arizona Cardinals +2500
Dallas Cowboys +1100
Buffalo Bills +400
Tennessee Titans +800
San Francisco 49ers +1400
Los Angeles Chargers +5000
Baltimore Ravens +5000
Indianapolis Colts +1600
Cleveland Browns +15000
Cincinnati Bengals +750
Minnesota Vikings +15000
Denver Broncos +50000
Philadelphia Eagles +7500
Pittsburgh Steelers +6500
Washington Football Team +50000
New Orleans Saints +20000
Las Vegas Raiders +12500
Miami Dolphins +8000
Atlanta Falcons +50000

* Odds via and correct as of Sunday, 19 December 2021.

Image credit : All-Pro Reels from District of Columbia, USA, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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