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When will the NBA return?

The 2020 NBA Championship was on hold indefinitely due to the global Covid-19 outbreak. The NBA has announced plans to re-launch the league at the end of July.

NBA Betting Odds

When the current season was put on hold, the Milwaukee Bucks and Los Angeles Lakers were the leading contenders with the online sportsbooks. You can find NBA odds for each team (from Bovada Sportsbook) listed below.

2020 NBA Championship Winner

Los Angeles Lakers+200
Milwaukee Bucks+280
Los Angeles Clippers+300
Boston Celtics+1200
Houston Rockets+1300
Toronto Raptors+1800
Denver Nuggets+2500
Philadelphia 76ers+2500
Dallas Mavericks+4000
Miami Heat+4000
Utah Jazz+6000
Brooklyn Nets+15000
Portland Trail Blazers+10000
Indiana Pacers+12500
New Orleans Pelicans+8000
Oklahoma City Thunder+10000
Memphis Grizzlies+25000
Orlando Magic+100000
San Antonio Spurs+75000
Phoenix Suns+75000
Sacramento Kings+50000
Washington Wizards+100000

Odds via bovada

Live NBA Betting Lines

NBA ODDSbovadamybookiegtbets
New Orleans Pelicans-140 Visit Visit
Utah Jazz+120 Visit Visit
Los Angeles Lakers-125 Visit Visit
Los Angeles Clippers+105 Visit Visit
Brooklyn Nets+185 Visit Visit
Orlando Magic-225 Visit Visit
Portland Trail Blazers-125 Visit Visit
Memphis Grizzlies+105 Visit Visit
Washington Wizards+210 Visit Visit
Phoenix Suns-250 Visit Visit
Milwaukee Bucks-210 Visit Visit
Boston Celtics+175 Visit Visit
San Antonio Spurs+120 Visit Visit
Sacramento Kings-140 Visit Visit
Dallas Mavericks+105 Visit Visit
Houston Rockets-125 Visit Visit
Denver Nuggets-135 Visit Visit
Miami Heat+115 Visit Visit
Oklahoma City Thunder-120 Visit Visit
Utah JazzEVEN Visit Visit
Los Angeles Clippers-235 Visit Visit
New Orleans Pelicans+195 Visit Visit
Indiana Pacers+175 Visit Visit
Philadelphia 76ers-210 Visit Visit
Toronto Raptors+160 Visit Visit
Los Angeles Lakers-180 Visit Visit