Baseball: World Series MLB Winner Odds

The 2020 Major League Baseball (MLB) season was originally scheduled to begin on March 26, but the Covid-19 pandemic led to season being suspended just a couple of weeks prior to this. This is the first time that MLB games have been put on hold since the 2001 season after the September 11th attacks.

It necessitated weeks of intense negotiations between Major League Baseball and its players’ union, but on June 22 MLB owners voted unanimously to implement a shortened 60-game season. 

New MLB 2020 Schedule

The regular 2020 MLB season is now scheduled to begin on July 23 and to end on September 27.

The new MLB schedule will be regionally based, with teams scheduled to play 10 games against each of their four division opponents. The remaining 20 games of the 60-game schedule will be interleague games against the corresponding geographical division.

The interleague match-ups will be:

  • American League East vs National League East 
  • American League Central vs National League Central 
  • American League West vs National League West

International Games Cancelled

It was also decided to cancel the international games in Mexico and Puerto Rico, with San Diego Padres vs Arizona Diamondbacks at Mexico City’s Estadio Alfredo Harp Helu and New York Mets vs Miami Marlins at the HiramBithorn Stadium in San Juan both being affected. 

The postseason is scheduled to begin on September 29, with the MLB World Series being set to begin on October 20. Should a Game 7 being required, this is set to be played on October 28.

Baseball - World Series Champion

Odds at Bovada
New York Yankees+650
Los Angeles Dodgers+325
Houston Astros+2200
Atlanta Braves+1100
Minnesota Twins+1000
Tampa Bay Rays+600
Chicago Cubs+1400
Oakland Athletics+1000
Washington Nationals+100000
Cleveland Indians+1200
Cincinnati Reds+2800
Chicago White Sox+1200
San Diego Padres+1000
St. Louis Cardinals+3300
New York Mets+35000
Philadelphia Phillies+4500
Milwaukee Brewers+3500
Los Angeles Angels+150000
Toronto Blue Jays+2800
Boston Red Sox+100000
Arizona Diamondbacks+50000
Texas Rangers+75000
Colorado Rockies+25000
San Francisco Giants+4000
Seattle Mariners+100000
Detroit Tigers+75000
Kansas City Royals+75000
Miami Marlins+2500
Pittsburgh Pirates+150000
Baltimore Orioles+50000
Los Angeles Dodgers+350
New York Yankees+375
Houston Astros+1500
Atlanta Braves+1200
Minnesota Twins+800
Tampa Bay Rays+1200
Cincinnati Reds+2800
Oakland Athletics+900
Los Angeles Angels+4000
Chicago White Sox+2500
New York Mets+3300
Washington Nationals+3300
St. Louis Cardinals+4000
Cleveland Indians+2000
Chicago Cubs+1500
Philadelphia Phillies+3300
Milwaukee Brewers+4000
Boston Red Sox+30000
San Diego Padres+3300
Arizona Diamondbacks+5500
Toronto Blue Jays+8000
Texas Rangers+9000
San Francisco Giants+20000
Colorado Rockies+4500
Kansas City Royals+40000
Detroit Tigers+20000
Seattle Mariners+25000
Miami Marlins+20000
Baltimore Orioles+30000
Pittsburgh Pirates+30000

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American League Champion

Odds at Bovada
New York Yankees+300
Houston Astros+1300
Minnesota Twins+550
Tampa Bay Rays+300
Chicago White Sox+650
Oakland Athletics+550
Cleveland Indians+650
Los Angeles Angels+50000
Boston Red Sox+50000
Texas Rangers+50000
Toronto Blue Jays+1500
Kansas City Royals+50000
Seattle Mariners+30000
Detroit Tigers+30000
Baltimore Orioles+30000
New York Yankees+175
Houston Astros+550
Minnesota Twins+550
Tampa Bay Rays+750
Cleveland Indians+1300
Oakland Athletics+750
Chicago White Sox+1100
Los Angeles Angels+2500
Boston Red Sox+2500
Texas Rangers+5000
Toronto Blue Jays+5000
Seattle Mariners+15000
Kansas City Royals+25000
Detroit Tigers+15000
Baltimore Orioles+20000

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National League Champion

Odds at Bovada
Los Angeles Dodgers+130
Atlanta Braves+550
Washington Nationals+30000
Cincinnati Reds+1300
New York Mets+12500
Chicago Cubs+700
St. Louis Cardinals+1600
Philadelphia Phillies+2200
Milwaukee Brewers+1600
San Diego Padres+475
Arizona Diamondbacks+50000
San Francisco Giants+1800
Colorado Rockies+15000
Pittsburgh Pirates+50000
Miami Marlins+1300
Los Angeles Dodgers+165
Atlanta Braves+550
Washington Nationals+900
New York Mets+1600
Chicago Cubs+750
St. Louis Cardinals+1700
Cincinnati Reds+1200
Philadelphia Phillies+1400
Milwaukee Brewers+1800
San Diego Padres+1600
Arizona Diamondbacks+3300
San Francisco Giants+10000
Colorado Rockies+2500
Pittsburgh Pirates+25000
Miami Marlins+20000

Odds via bovada

MLB World Series 2020 Favorites

Los Angeles Dodgers

The Dodgers further enhanced an already impressive roster with the acquisitions of outfielder Mookie Betts and lefty David Price from the Boston Red Sox. They have the depth and talent required to claim a first World Series title since 1988.

New York Yankees

The NY Yankees are bolstered by the signing of Gerrit Cole and they have oodles of talent, depth and a strong bullpen. The delayed start to the season has also enabled Giancarlo Stanton and Aaron Hicks to recover from injuries.

Houston Astros

The Astros will have to compensate for the loss of the aforementioned Gerrit Cole to the Yankees, while Justin Verlander is still recovering from groin surgery back in March. The sign-stealing scandal ensures that few outsiders will be rooting for the Astros.

Atlanta Braves

The Braves saw third baseman Josh Donaldson depart via free agency for the Minnesota Twins, but they have added leftfielder Marcell Ozuna to the roster. Other offseason of closer Will Smith and veteran lefty Cole Hamels also help their cause. There’s depth in the starting pitchers for the Braves and plenty of young talent on the roster.

Minnesota Twins

The Twinkies set an MLB record with 307 home runs and have now added third baseman Josh Donaldson their already impressive lineup, but might be short when challenging at the highest level in their pitching options.

MLB 2020 Predictions

If the sportsbooks are to be believed, the American League Championship Series should come down to a decider between the Yankees and the Astros, with Gerritt Cole potentially having a major role to play against his former team. Any such matchup could go either way, but we’ll take the Yankees at +170 at Bovada to win the American League Championship.

The National League Championship Series could come down to a shootout between the Braves and the Dodgers that could easily go the full seven games distance. It could go either way, but we’ll take the Braves to prevail at +650 at Bovada as our MLB bet to win the National League Championship.

So that would take us to a World Series showdown between the New York Yankees and the Atlanta Braves. Again this is something of a coin toss, but we’ll side the Braves and their talented and exciting young stars such as Ronald Acuna Jr., Ozzie Albies and Dansby Swanson to just get the better of the Yankees.

The Braves can be backed at +1500 with Bovada to win the World Series and that looks like a good value MLB baseball tip at this stage compared to the available betting odds for their main rivals. 

Who won the 2019 MLB World Series?

In 2019, the 115th edition of the World Series of baseball, the best-of-seven playoff saw a huge upset as the National League champions the Washington Nationals beat the American League champions, the Houston Astros, by a scoreline of 4-3. In May, the Nationals were sitting at 19-31 and estimated to have a mere 0.1% chance of winning the World Series. Sport can be very unpredictable!